Dondoo is a platform for sharing local taboos & faux-pas experiences from around the world, promoting local traditions and respect of cultures. It’s the practical travel info you’ve always wanted to have while wandering.

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Traveller's Mate

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Yes – we have all experienced awkward faux-pas situations on our journeys where we’ve unintentionally disrespected other cultures. We believe that no traveller wants to feel awkward abroad, disrespect others or fail securing multinational business contracts due to lack of knowledge about local customs.


Our mission is to provide practical and useful information for your travels wherever you may go. We don’t necessarily want to dictate you what places to visit (or not). It’s the beauty of freedom and adventure we want to withstand and leave with you – to discover all the stunning places and hidden corners by yourself.


We want to brace your travels culture-wise while being ready to show respect and pay homage to all the diverse nations around the globe. Avoiding cultural faux-pas is priceless.


How are we doing it?

We take each dont seriously and we assign it to its rightful place. Locality is very important for us, so we don’t just stop on countries, but rather we go further at state, region, city or even airport - level all interconnected with each other.

Why are we doing it?

We stand by keeping the local traditions alive as they make the world diverse and beautiful. We’re not only encouraging the diversity and values of all the different nations, but we also want to help them live forever.

Nowadays, real-life values and human interaction are fading in terms of importance. Dondoo’s mission is to bring it all back and cherish it. We believe that human interaction still is the most significant form of communication. To that end, we want to equip all the travellers out there, embarking on their journeys discovering new places and destinations, to continue interacting with other people without fear of unintentionally performing cultural faux-pas.



Help our company keep going

Dondoo is a non-profit organisation that operates solely from individual contributions. Help us on our journey to become the de-facto source of useful and practical information that will enable all travellers across the globe to engage in cultural exchange without fear of performing faux-pas.